I occasionally give workshops at conferences or community events. These are usually public and sometimes even free. Check it out!

You can also hire me as a trainer for in-house workshops teaching your developers about Java 8 and later as well as about JUnit 5.

DevSum 2019

JUnit 5

Next Generation Testing On The JVM

Thursday, 22nd of May
Stockholm, Folkets Hus
What Else?

Java’s most ubiquitous library got an update! This course will teach you how to…

  • write simple tests with JUnit 5
  • organize tests by nesting them
  • parameterize and parallelize tests
  • target tests at different operating systems and Java versions
  • extend JUnit 5 to fit your requirements
  • run JUnit 4 and JUnit 5 tests side by side
  • migrate tests from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5

Be careful, though: When we’re done, you’ll feel an urge to start using JUnit 5 right away.



Nicolai provided us with deep insights into JUnit 5 in just one day. He is an excellent trainer and we can recommend him to everyone who is eager to learn more about testing their code.

Andreas Wolf, Development Customer Care at 1&1


The Java 9 Workshop with Nicolai provides a focused overview of the Java Module System and the new Java 9 features with practical exercises and much additional information. We spent two exciting and busy days with much content which created the desire to discover more!

Patrick Baumgartner, Software Craftsman and Founder of 42talents