Here you’ll find a list of upcoming workshops that are open to the public (usually not free, though). They are often organized around conferences, where I give a talk. If you are attending one of them, take the opportunity to go deep into a topic you’re passionate about.

The Java Module System


Tuesday, 29th of May, 09:30 to 17:00
Riga DevDays, Room 2
What Else?
Program entry

Java 9 came out in September 2017 and its flagship feature is Project Jigsaw. It brings modularity to Java and with it comes strong encapsulation, reliable configuration, improved security, and better performance. But it also brings migration challenges, which might break your code or your tools just by running on Java 9.

But all is not lost! The best way to get started is to get know the details, start playing around with the new release, and spike your own project’s migration. This course will set you up to do just that.

The Java 9 Workshop with Nicolai provides a focused overview of the Java Module System and the new Java 9 features with practical exercises and much additional information. We spent two exciting and busy days with much content which created the desire to discover more!

Patrick Baumgartner