CodeFX Up And Running

Summer recess is officially over and shit got done! Finally, CodeFX is up and running.

Batman and Robin Up and Running


Besides starting my new day job, I finished some long waiting coding and infrastructure work.


I cleaned up my SnapshotView over at ControlsFX (which is currently waiting to be pulled) and finally got everything working to release the first production-ready version of LibFX.


Maybe even more important in this context is that I finally got this blog ready to go! I tweaked the theme (and hope everybody reacts to the Eclipse purple I recklessly plagiarized) and got some much needed plugins like the very cool Crayon which paints my code like this:

Foregoing the neither pretty nor overly usable WordPress comments I looked for another way to lure you, the reader, into a conversation. I would’ve liked to go for Discourse but couldn’t find a cheap (read: for free) way to run it. Who knows, if this blog takes off, I might still spend some money.

But for now we’re going with Disqus. To keep the site loading fast, comments are only loaded on demand (see the button at the end of this post) and in case you already have a Disqus account you can of course use it here as well.

Finally, I’m done fighting with newsletter plugins, be it Mailpoet, Newsletter Ready! or Newsletter (ha, no links for you!). I’m sticking with the latter and since it does not provide a convenient way to send out complete posts, you won’t get them via the newsletter. So if you want to read without stopping by, you’ll have to subscribe to the RSS-feed.


So now that everything’s done there are no more excuses. I’m ready to achieve ultimate blog success in one easy step! :)

And look at that, I even have some ideas of (interesting?) things to write about! Like a tutorial on creating a first open source project – something I recently went through myself. Or how to create a JavaFX control the way it’s supposed to be done…

So I’ll be back and I hope so will you! If there’s anything you’re interested in and for some reason believe I might know something about, join the discussion below or contact me under

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