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Hello 2017!

To finish all the projects I started in 2016, I will have to be disciplined and focused in 2017. Discipline and focus… what delightful words to start a new year.

Goodbye Disy, Hello SitePoint

I worked for Disy for about 2 years. Now I said goodbye to become the editor of SitePoint’s burgeoning Java channel and have more time for other projects.

CodeFX Leveled Up

A lot of things are happening right now: I’m writing a book, I’ll speak at conferences, you can hire me, and to top it off, I gave this blog a new look.

Seven Reasons Against Blogging

Many people will tell you how great blogging is. But as most publicity-related aspects of life it has a dirty underbelly, so let me share some of the reasons why you might not want to start your own blog.

Hello 2016!

In 2016 I want to continue blogging, branch out into new areas, work on my private projects, learn me a Haskell, and prevent exhaustion.Wow, so much to do.

Goodbye 2015!

2015 is over and I’m looking back.How did it go, which things worked out and which didn’t. And how come I’m feeling so tired recently.