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javaBin Trondheim

Java After Eight

23rd of October, 10:00 to 16:00
Trondheim, DIGS, Olav Tryggvasonsgt. 30
What Else?

We had a long time to get used to lambdas and streams, but since Java 9 was released in September 2017, features are coming fast:

  • language changes like private interface methods, diamond operator for anonymous classes and local-variable type inference with var
  • new and improved APIs like collection factories, stack walking, and a reactive HTTP client
  • JVM additions like multi-release JARs, application class-data sharing, and general performance improvements

All of these and more features were added just in the recent year.

This workshop gives you an overview over the changes to the Java language and the JVM after Java 8 and lets you get your hands dirty with the most important and interesting ones.


Nicolai provided us with deep insights into JUnit 5 in just one day. He is an excellent trainer and we can recommend him to everyone who is eager to learn more about testing their code.

Andreas Wolf, Development Customer Care at 1&1


The Java 9 Workshop with Nicolai provides a focused overview of the Java Module System and the new Java 9 features with practical exercises and much additional information. We spent two exciting and busy days with much content which created the desire to discover more!

Patrick Baumgartner, Software Craftsman and Founder of 42talents