Java 9

Java 9 is coming! And it is more than just Project Jigsaw. (I know, I was surprised too.) In fact, Java 9 brings a number of interesting new features and I’ll explore them one by one.

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The Ultimate Guide To Java 9

I’m sure you’ve heard this and that about Java 9: modularity, collection literals (or not?), private methods on interfaces, etc. But if you really want to know all that’s coming, you need this ultimate guide.

Java 9 Additions To Optional

More about Java 9 – this time: Optional. We’ll see how the new methods ‘stream()’, ‘or()’, and ‘ifPresentOrElse()’ considerably improve its API.

Java 9 Additions To Stream

Java 9 is coming! And it is more than just Jigsaw. One of the many changes are new Stream methods: ‘takeWhile’, ‘dropWhile’, and ‘ofNullable’. For more fun with streams!

Implied Readability

In Java 9 a module must read another to be able to use its API. With implied readability a third module passes the dependency on, allowing the first to read the second without explicitly depending on it.