Goodbye Disy, Hello SitePoint

I worked for Disy for about 2 years. Now I said goodbye to become the editor of SitePoint’s burgeoning Java channel and have more time for other projects.

Java 9 Additions To Optional

More about Java 9 – this time: Optional. We’ll see how the new methods ‘stream()’, ‘or()’, and ‘ifPresentOrElse()’ considerably improve its API.

Java 9 Additions To Stream

Java 9 is coming! And it is more than just Jigsaw. One of the many changes are new Stream methods: ‘takeWhile’, ‘dropWhile’, and ‘ofNullable’. For more fun with streams!

How To Implement equals Correctly

A fundamental aspect of any Java class is its definition of equality. It is determined by a class’s equals method and there are a couple of things to be considered for a correct implementation. Let’s check ’em out so we get it right!

JEEConf 2016

Last week I visited my first conference ever, JEEConf 2016. I had no particular expectations but it turned out to be a blast!

CodeFX Leveled Up

A lot of things are happening right now: I’m writing a book, I’ll speak at conferences, you can hire me, and to top it off, I gave this blog a new look.