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You already clicked “Hire me!” so there is no need to tub-thump even more. Drop me a line if anything below piques your interest.

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Are you planning your migration to Java 9? If not, you really should. If so, it might go smoother with some help.

I can analyze the greatest pitfalls for your project, develop strategies to evade them, and help your developers get the migration going.


I provide on-site training courses to bring all the knowledge you find on this blog to your company and your developers.

You can pick any topic you find here but the most natural are Java 8, Java 9 in general, Project Jigsaw and modularity in particular, JUnit 5, and writing and maintaining clean comments.


If you need a writer to get your company blog or technical site off the ground, I’d be happy to help you out. I mostly write about Java but that’s rather a consequence of prioritization not of of interest. I ponder on software development in general and would welcome a possibility to write about language independent topics like code reviews, development culture, documentation, etc.

Having established a couple of blogs (this one, one for the initiative Do-FOSS, and one for my former employer Disy) and being the editor for SitePoint’s Java channel I can help you set one up that matches your organization’s needs. I can also support you to establish a blogging culture, where ideas flow freely from conception, to drafting, to editing and publication.