Posts about concepts of the Java programming language. This does not include posts which merely employ Java to talk about something else.

The JPMS Maturity Model

Java’s module system requires good and consistent support by libraries, frameworks, and tools. This maturity model classifies a project’s support for the JPMS.

Definitive Guide To Java 12

A detailed guide to Java 12: migration, version requirements, new features (switch expressions, teeing collectors, indenting/transforming Strings, and more), and JVM changes (default CDS, Shenandoah, G1).

Teeing Collector in Java 12

The teeing collector, available since Java 12 as Collectors::teeing, forwards its input to two other collectors before merging their results with a function.

Eleven Hidden Gems In Java 11

Think Java 11 is just a maintenance release? Think again! Here are eleven small but shiny additions to classes like String, Path, Files, Collection, Optional, and others that make coding a little more elegant.